HOA Benefits

Why should I pay $25.00 annual dues every year? Below are just a few of the many benefits you receive:

1. Help maintain property values

Since residents are held accountable to deed restrictions, homes are consistently taken care of and well-maintained.

2. Financial stability

A well-managed HOA has a reserve study in place and funds available for future horse/ multi-use trail system repairs and capital improvements, thereby reducing the likelihood of needing a special assessment.

3. Community bonding and communication among neighbors

A great way to make new friends and offer a great sense of community.

4. Added layer of support in dealing with neighborhood property issues

HOA-s often partner with municipal code compliance departments to ensure adherence to the rules.

5. Rules and regulations deter nuisance activity

Each resident that owns a home in the community is held to the same set of standards for the upkeep of the exterior of their home.

6. Increased Community Pride

Community activities and events help bring neighbors together, which increases pride within the community

7. Well-Maintained Common Horse/ multi use trail system

HOA-s typically do an outstanding job of maintaining their common areas. This includes our 8-mile manicured horse/ multi use trail system.

8. Access to the property manager

When you need help the access to the LRHOA property management company is a valuable resource.