City is moving forward with Ynez Rd Widening


We’ve just learned the City of Temecula has decided to move forward with the widening of Ynez Rd. The first phase is the section between Santiago Rd and La Paz Rd.

The City Council , have decided to transform our neighborhood into a freeway bypass. The City is collecting the residents’ money to improve the travel/driving experience for commuters. So, instead of working with CalTrans and solving the actual problem (I-15 @ 79N) they decided to solve the problem by widening local streets ( at the expense of people living in Temecula). Nowadays, everyone is a planner and no one is willing to listen and/or read….Other agencies have attempted to fix traffic-related issues by widening the road and it turned out to be anything but a solution. Please see article on INDUCED DEMAND.

induced demand

Widening Ynez Rd would create a problem for businesses on Temecula Parkway, by diverting more traffic from that road ( especially on the Jedediah Rd – Margarita Rd section, used as a shortcut). Businesses should be concerned as well.

If you believe in preserving our community and our way of life , this is the time to join us at the next City Council meetings. The Council members need to know where the community stands relative to this project/decision.

Many Los Ranchitos residents responded the call to action sent out by the Board of Directors and attended the City Council meeting on March 10th, 2020.

We hope to have an even bigger support group for the next meetings. If you can’t make it to the meetings , you can still send a letter ( email) to the City Clerk, presenting your position about this project. This is the only way our voice will be heard, our only chance to preserve our community.

Meeting recording is available below, for your convenience. Please note  that public comments are in the first 45 minutes of this meeting.

Maps below show the existing road and proposed improvements:

The City Council Meeting held on 04/28/20 was a virtual meeting. Many residents have sent in their comments by email , expressing their opposition to the widening of Ynez Rd:

We encourage you to take action and let the City know your opinion about this. You can do this by attending every City Council meeting ( once the COVID19 restrictions are lifted) or by sending an email to the City Clerk , and asking to be read during PUBLIC COMMENT section.

Send your letter by email to Randi Johl ( City Clerk at ( Subject: Public Comment – STOP YNEZ WIDENING)

Short-term rentals

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, @ 7 p.m. (or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard) the Temecula City Council will consider the following proposals related to short-term rentals:

1)     The Temecula Municipal Code would be amended to add a definition of short-term rentals.

2)     The Temecula Municipal Code would be amended to add short-term rentals to the land use matrix. Short-term rentals are already prohibited under the City’s permissive zoning. The addition of short-term rentals to the land use matrix as a prohibited use will re-affirm the existing prohibition.

3)     A resolution would be adopted that would increase the administrative citation fines for unpermitted short-term rentals to $1,000.

Once available, staff reports and agendas can be viewed at this link. Public notices can be viewed at this link. The meeting will be held at the Temecula Civic Center (Council Chambers) located at 41000 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590. 

TV Hospitality Development

12/11/2017 – Important Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Initial $40,000 Capital Contribution Assessment
  • Mandatory initial yearly dues of $5,000 plus cost of living adjustments
  • Agreement to permanently close and repair temporary Vallejo access to the park and ride
  • Installation of right-of-way improvements and mitigations along Vallejo to match Gateway project:
    • Decomposed granite horse trail with vinyl fencing
    • Ample berming, sound wall and landscape to insulate adjacent neighbors
  • Stipulation that, with the exception of a locked emergency gate (only if required), there shall continue to be no vehicular nor pedestrian access onto Vallejo from either this lot or the Park n Ride.
  • No parking enforcement for eastern property line of TVH lot to Palma Dr