Fire Prevention

Please clear the brush on your property! Fire season is here.

Riverside County Hazard Reduction Office enforces the abatement of hazardous vegetation, abandoned or neglected orchards, groves and vineyards within the territory of Riverside County which pose a danger to the health, safety and welfare of residents and first responders.

Hazard abatement activities are conducted with the additional goal of protecting rare and sensitive plants,animals and the environment.

All property owners are responsible for maintaining their property throughout the calendar year. County Ordinances 695, and 772 outline requirements and penalties in the Hazard Reduction Process.

Riverside Fire Hazard Abatement Program

Removal of noxious weeds and hazardous conditions will help prevent wild fires.

1. Grass, noxious weeds, trash, rubbish and other flammable material need to be cut and
removed from vacant lots, yards, courtyards, parkways, and other locations. These types of
vegetation, when dry, become a fire hazard and must be maintained throughout the year.

2. Trees and branches – Remove any portion of a tree that extends within 10 feet of the outlet of
any roof, chimney, or stovepipe as stated in Public Resources Code 4291.

3. Native brush and chaparral near any improved property (structures) need to be cleared or
thinned and all ground litter removed from vacant lots, yards, courtyards, parkways, and other

4. All cleared, thinned, or cut materials must be removed from the property to an approved
county landfill site or green waste facility for proper disposal.

5. Methods of cleaning properties by the County include disking, hand labor, and mowing.

6. Open burning is prohibited by regulations of the South Coast Air Quality Management

Fire preparedness